50+ Best Friend Captions and Funny Instagram Captions

A decent caption makes your Instagram picture complete.Including captions, hashtags, and quotes to the pictures you post to online social networking has turned out to be more famous on Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter, however where it gets utilized above all else is on Instagram. Sometimes, simply sharing photographs on Instagram isn’t sufficient. You’d jump at the chance to add some cleaver captions to interest your fans or friends.Finish your Instagram picture with friends by putting a decent Instagram captions for friends.


1.Your best friend is always there, not just for a day or two, but forever.

2.A best friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find, lucky to have.

3.Best Friends make good times better and hard times easier!

4.I don’t know what I did to have a best friend like you.

5.I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.

6.The best mirror is an old best friend.

7.A best friend is someone who tells you the truth even when you don’t want to hear it.

8.What is a Best friend? A single soul in two bodies.

9.My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.

10.It’s me and my Best Friend for Life!

11.Sometimes, being with your bff is all the therapy you need!

12.You can’t make a circle of friends with a compass.

13.I used to be normal until I met those losers I call my BEST FRIENDS!!!!

14.God made us best friends because he knew that our moms couldn’t handle us as sisters.

15.The only way to have a best friend is to be one.

16.People say best friends are hard to find; that’s because the best one is already mine.

17.Every girl needs a boy best friend.

18.Friends listen to what you say. Best friends listen to what you don’t say.

19.A best friend is someone who makes you laugh even when you think you’ll never smile again.

20.That was what a best friend did: hold up a mirror and show you your heart.

21.Best friends are the people who make your problems their problems just so you don’t have to go through them alone.

22.A best friend won’t agree with you to make you happy. If anything, they’ll say what needs to be said, no matter if you want to hear it or not.

23.Somewhere on this planet is your best friend. Find that person.

24.Best friends are forever. That’s why they’re called BFFs.

25.Our friendship is like a cup of tea…a special blend of you and me.

26.Best friends are the people you can do anything and nothing with and still have the best time.

27.Friends come and go. So does a best friend, but a best friend will always find their way back.

28.A best friend is someone who loves you when you forget to love yourself.

29.You are my best friend because I wouldn’t dare be this weird with anyone else.

30.You are my best friend, my human diary, and my other half. You mean the world to me and I love you.

31.Best friends picks you up when the world lets you down.

32.When it hurts to look back and you’re afraid to look ahead, you can look beside you and your best friend will be there.

33.Best friends are people you know you don’t need to talk to every single day—but when you do talk again it’s like you’d never stopped.

34.Everything changes and nothing stays the same, but as we grow up, one thing does remain: I was with you before and will be until the end. Nothing could ever replace my best friend.


35.Friends buy you food. Best friends eat your food.

36.I don’t know what’s tighter, our jeans or our friendship!

37.Meet my Partner in Crime!

38.When my best friend and I first met, we were both like, “You’re really weird.”

39.We go together like drunk and disorderly.

40.Your vibe attracts your tribe.

41.As your best friend I’ll always pick you up when you fall, after I finish laughing.

42.Never let your best friends get lonely… keep disturbing them.

43.A good friend knows how you take your coffee. A great friend adds booze.

44.Finding friends with the same mental disorder: priceless!

45.Just remember, if we get caught, you’re deaf and I don’t speak English.

46.Friends don’t let friends do silly things alone.

47.If I send you my ugly selfies, our friendship is real.

48. Some people only get called by their nicknames. Usually it sounds weird to even say their real name.

49.Everyone has a friend who laughs funnier than he jokes.

50.I love my crazy, goofy, stupid, gorgeous, weird, lame, socially challenged friends.

51.Best friends are the ones who hate the same stuff.

52.Friendship is, hiding their stuff and watching them go nuts.

53.Best Friend: One million memories, ten thousand inside jokes, one hundred shared secrets.

54.I used to be normal until I met those losers I call my BEST FRIENDS!!!

55.You and I are more than friends. We’re like a really small gang.

56.Me and my best friends can communicate just with…. Face expression.

57.If you aren’t somewhat crazy in the head, I’m afraid we can’t be friends.

58.No one will ever be as entertained by us as us.

59.Besides chocolate, you’re my favorite.

60.You say I’m dirty-minded, but how did you understand what I meant?

61.Friends come and go like waves of the ocean, but the true ones stick like an octopus on your face.


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