How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Social Media is now part and parcel of our daily lives. We now not only use it for fun sharing but also for business and advertising. Instagram plays a key role in this especially when we compare it to other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. Instagram stands out as the platform that clearly helps us share our moments, happiness and ideas. But for you to be able to do this successfully and share with a lot of people, you need to have a good number of followers. Many people have the thought that gaining followers can be quite a difficult task and they ponder on how to get more followers on Instagram but it is as simple as it can get. If you have an Instagram account there are two options you can use to gain followers, you can either get more followers on Instagram for free or you can get more followers on Instagram instantly although this might come with additional to get more followers on instagram

How to Get More Instagram Followers for Free and Instantly

For a new Instagram user, there are several ways on how to get more Instagram followers for free. Though it may not be instant, after a given period of time you will gain numerous followers. The strategies you could employ include:

• Build a great profile

Your profile is the perfect place to create a brand for your place. Have a simple username that will identify who you are and build a profile to illustrate your interest in a manner that will attract the attention of potential followers. Your profile picture needs to concur with what you post so that people can easily relate. Your bio needs to have enjoyable and interesting information that will urge potential followers. Most Instagram explorers or browsers who log in to Instagram to view the photos available in the explore tab are potential followers and to grasp their interest your profile needs to appeal to their likes and interests.

Making your profile public is another way on how to get more Instagram followers for free. If your profile is private any potential future followers have pushed away since they assume you have nothing to offer. A public profile opens you up to everyone and you can gain followers quickly. Adding a link to your bio assists the potential followers to access more information on what you have posted that sparked their interest. The link will prove your accessibility hence you will be viewed as worth following.

• Link your Instagram account to your other social accounts.

Most people tend to overlook this strategy but it can be a line for followers. Linking your Instagram account to your Facebook account enable you to easily access your friends and people who you relate to your day to day activities. They are also notified of your presence on Instagram and prompted to follow you. You can also promote your Instagram account on your other social media platforms. If you have over a thousand friends on Facebook but fewer followers on Instagram then this is one strategy you can employ on how to get more Instagram followers for free and also it is a way on how to get more Instagram followers instantly.

• Quality Posts

Apart from our profile, our posts have a major impact on our quest to gain more Instagram followers. Instagram posts include photos, videos, and word images.

The photos posted need to be of high quality easy to view and understand. Getting quality photos depends on the device used to take the photo. If you are not in possession of a camera then you can use a high-end phone’s camera with good pixels. When taking the photos consider what will make it appealing to your potential followers. The photo also needs to be interesting to capture the attention of Instagram members browsing through the various photos in the explore tab. In terms of quality, the photo post needs to be able to express all the details available in the image. A good photo post provides a good opportunity on how to get more followers on Instagram.

For a video, what you post depends on your target audience. The video should be well taken and have good quality if you provide sound then it should also be of great quality. Do not post long boring videos that repel potential followers. The video should be precise and express what you would like your audience to see. This will greatly increase your potential followers’ interest and they will follow you while having the urge to see more of such videos hence it is an opportunity on how to get more Instagram followers.

Word images are posts that have a small number of words, quotes, or sentences written over a plain background or an image background. The quotes may refer to a certain subject that you want to relate to your audience or potential followers. This strategy can favor individuals lacking devices that can take good photos or videos.

• Captions & Hashtags

Captions always try to expound on our posts, they describe the photos we post and act as the icing on the cake. Having creative captions that bring out meaning to the photos you post is a way on how to get more followers on Instagram. Your captions can be witty, delightful and worth sharing to give you more exposure to potential followers. Numerous Instagram users will be drawn to captivating captions depending on their interests for example if it is fashion you can have a caption like ‘we dress to kill’ and if it is a food post you can have a caption like ‘it tastes as delicious as it looks’. You can use captions as per photo categories, for example, use beach captions for beach photos.
Hashtags are another way on how to get Instagram followers for free. If you want to identify your post to a trending matter or subject, using a hashtag is the easiest way on how to get more followers instantly. Other Instagram users can identify your posts through the trending hashtags in your captions. To expose your posts to many users you can use not only one hashtag but numerous hashtags that are relevant to your posts though it is advisable to limit the number of hashtags to four. Your posts will be available to a wider audience and not necessarily those who already follow you. An example of this is if you are a fan of soccer and you want to get more followers who are soccer fans you can use hashtags referencing different soccer teams and soccer players. Hashtags also help connect with others who have interests similar to yours and potential followers who would be happy to continue sharing with you.

• Photo Tags

In Instagram, you may always get tagged in different videos and photos. Instagram has an option that lets you determine if you want tagged photos to appear in your profile or not. You could change this setting such that the tagged media can only appear after your approval. By doing this you will able to filter the media you accept in your profile to only that which you have an interest in. Also, any embarrassing situations that can put off any potential clients can be avoided.

• Location

Adding location to your posted media may seem unimportant but though overlooked it is a strategy that can be employed on how to get more Instagram followers for free. Take a photo or video with a beautiful scenery and add your location to it, every Instagram user in love with sceneries and who happen to stay within the location you have added will want to follow you so as to view more of such media. It also exposes your media to users who use geotagging to search for potential individuals to follow. Adding location is a great opportunity to increase your Instagram followers. Location does not only apply to photos and videos, it also applies to an event you are promoting, you will get followers who would want to attend and be part of that event. All the potential followers have to do while browsing is to type in the name of the place to view every geotagged media of that location and they will get access to your photos and videos.

• Interaction

Another strategy on how to get more followers on Instagram for free is by interacting with other users, your followers and also users who do not follow you but you share the same interests. Instagram can be seen as a community with families, the family consists of people who you have similar interests with. You can go the extra mile to find users who post media that interests you, follow them and have an interaction with their content, within a short period of time you will draw attention from them and to show appreciation it is highly likely that they will follow you back. When you follow any user on Instagram, they always get a notification stating that you have followed them, the user will check your profile and decide whether to follow you back or not. If you have a great profile then it is certain that they will follow back. As the number of your followers keeps growing, it is important not to forget your other followers. Try and appreciate them by responding to their comments, like their posts, engaging with them and following them. On interaction, you can also cross-promote with other users who you share an audience with. Cross-promoting mainly entails sharing their posts on your posts and letting them do the same. Interaction is not only a method of how to get more Instagram followers for free but it is also a way to create a strong relationship with your followers.

• Instagram Stories and Live Videos

Instagram stories and live videos are new features introduced to Instagram and you can use them to your advantage and as a method to gain Instagram followers instantly. Instagram stories allow users to post photos or videos that disappear after 24 hours. For Instagram stories consisting of photos, you are able to engage with users on the go hence you can capture users appealed your stories. The stories also build up your personality and help fish potential Instagram followers. Another advantage of Instagram stories that you can capitalize on is the use of live videos. This illustrates your raw ideas, interests, and brand to your potential followers and by the time you stop filming you will have gained a number of followers. Instagram stories contain media that is raw, unedited and unpolished, the content appeals to most users since they are able to view your true self and interests. You can also use the stories to show something that is trending live and is interesting to most users for example for a soccer fan you can share the celebration of a goal and for a fashion enthusiast, you can share a video of models walking through the red carpet. This will captivate Instagram users viewing your live feed and they may follow you with the expectation to receive more of such live feeds and interesting stories. While launching your Instagram stories remember to always make them fun, enjoyable and appealing and within no time you will have gained a great number of followers.

• Instagram campaign

Another sure way on how to get more followers on Instagram is to run an Instagram campaign by boosting your content to newer audiences. You can invest in the campaign by hitting the promote button after posting your content. You can then determine the audience you want your post to be available too. Instagram can also provide you with a similar audience for your post and if the audience loves your content then it is a surety that they will follow you.

How to Get More Followers on Instagram (Final Words)

As Instagram continues to develop and the developers keep upgrading the platform, it becomes more important to focus on developing strategies on how to get more followers on Instagram. By using these steps and tips you will be ahead of your competition in terms of followers. On how to get more followers on Instagram instantly, always remember to appreciate the users who already follow you so as not to lose them later, and to those focused on how to get more followers on Instagram for free always remember that the stronger your profile, the greater the number of followers you will get. Start gaining followers and become an Instagram guru.

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