Instagram Blue Check: Here’s How To Request To Get Verified On Instagram

Good news for all Instagram users. Now you can apply for getting verified on Instagram. You can get a blue tick on Instagram simply by filling a form. And it’s in-app setting which you can use to get the Instagram blue check. Here is step by step guide on the Instagram blue check and how to request to get verified on Instagram.

Instagram Blue Check: How To Request To Get Verified On Instagram

Before you apply for the Instagram blue check, make sure that your Instagram account complies with Instagram’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Verification requests will be reviewed under some factors: namely authenticity, uniqueness, completeness and notability of each account. You can visit the Instagram help centre to learn more about Instagram’s verification criteria.

  • To access the verification request form, go to your profile.
  • Now, tap the menu icon, select “Settings” at the bottom and then choose “Request Verification.”
  • You will need to provide your account username, your full name and a copy of your legal or business identification.

Instagram blue check

Note:  Instagram ensures that your information will not be shared publicly.

Submitting a request for verification does not ensure that your account will be verified. Once your request has been checked on, you will get receive a notification confirming or declining your request in the notifications tab. Instagram will never ask for payment for verification or connect with a request that you confirm your verification.

If you have many business Instagram account, then you can apply for only one Instagram account for the Instagram blue check. Instagram only verify you’re primary business account. I hope, this post will help you get the Instagram blue check.

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