Meet the biggest insect-breeding Instagrammer:Adrian Kozakiewicz-who poses for photos with gigantic arachnids, mantids and moths on his FACE


Adrian Kozakiewicz(with more than 157 k Instagram followers) is one of the greatest insect breeders in Europe, and has amassed an impressive collection of really gigantic critters.

Enormous bugs, beautiful bugs, odd bugs. People unmistakably cherish his bugs. In any case, they additionally adore what he does with them. “I show only exceptional insects, ones that most people aren’t familiar with,” he says.”

The 20-year-old is plainly pleased with his startling brood, posing for Instagram photos hrouded in colossal dreadful insects.

Kozakiewicz started reproducing creepy insects at only 10 years of age. He visits Asia three or four times every year, looking to find nighttime animals in the rainforests of Thailand, Malaysia, and Laos. When home, he breeds his bugs in bottles, plastic boxes, and terrariums, and pitches the posterity to zoos and bug merchants or exchanges them to kindred gatherers. The greater part of whom, you can wellbeing say, don’t show them all over.

Whipspiders 😍 by: @insecthaus_adi

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Attacus caesar with @insecthaus_adi

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Bugs 🐝🐛😱

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