The Top 10 Highest-Earning Bollywood Celebrity On Instagram

Do you believe that Bollywood celebrities just earn money from their movies and ads? You are likely living under a stone or in your own air pocket at that point. Today, with the coming of social media, they have a new stream of income.

Gone are the days when they used to procure additional cash while showing up in advertisements. They would now be able to underwrite an item at the solace of their homes and arrive at their fans through Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. A greatly well known among social media platforms is Instagram.

A large group of celebrities has an Instagram account today. Fans can follow them, connect with, and get a brief look at their preferred stars’ day by day life. This has helped brands, who wish to contact a wide audience. A significant superstar embracing their item on Instagram can without much of a stretch impact the individuals following him/her.

The Top 10 Highest-Earning Bollywood Celebrity On Instagram

10. Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone not only earns massive amounts from her dance numbers and films but she is at number 10th  the highest-earning Bollywood celebrity on Instagram. Having a following of about 40.0M, the actress’s estimated earnings, net worth, and engagement rate on the platform is as follows :

Estimated Earnings: Rs 9164172
Net Worth: Rs 97 Crores
Instagram Handle:@sunnyleone
Engagement Rate: 1.27%
Followers: 40.0M

Indeed, the number of assessed profit you are perusing is right! While Sunny normally posts about beauty products and the Fitness posts on Instagram. She endorses several products and she endorses different brands too.

9. Anushka Sharma

Estimated Earnings: Rs 9510863
Net Worth: Rs 227 Crores
Instagram Handle:@anushkasharma
Engagement Rate: 2.96%
Followers: 42.3M

8. Katrina Kaif

Estimated Earnings: Rs 9740186
Net Worth: Rs 128Crores
Instagram Handle:@katrinakaif
Engagement Rate: 3.13%
Followers: 43.5M

7. Neha Kakkar

Estimated Earnings: Rs 9843073
Net Worth: Rs 24 Crores
Instagram Handle:@nehakakkar
Engagement Rate: 2.21%
Followers: 45.3M

6. Akshay Kumar

Estimated Earnings: Rs 10242122
Net Worth: Rs 1870 Crores
Instagram Handle:@akshaykumar
Engagement Rate: 2.37%
Followers: 44.7M

5. Jacqueline Fernandez

Estimated Earnings: Rs 10609999
Net Worth: Rs 90 Crores
Instagram Handle:@jacquelinef143
Engagement Rate: 1.25%
Followers: 45.1M

4. Shraddha Kapoor

Estimated Earnings: Rs 11891513
Net Worth: Rs 53 Crores
Instagram Handle:@shraddhakapoor
Engagement Rate: 2.29%
Followers: 55M

3. Alia Bhatt

Estimated Earnings: Rs 12268917
Net Worth: Rs 71Crores
Instagram Handle:@aliaabhatt
Engagement Rate: 5.11%
Followers: 49.6M

2. Deepika Padukone

Estimated Earnings: Rs 12447711
Net Worth: Rs 103 Crores
Instagram Handle:@deepikapadukone
Engagement Rate: 3.75%
Followers: 52.3M

1. Priyanka Chopra

Estimated Earnings: Rs 13569102
Net Worth: Rs 215.28 Crores
Instagram Handle:@priyankachopra
Engagement Rate: 2.29%
Followers: 57M

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