American Gymnast McKayla Maroney Posts Racy Instagram Video of Her Dancing

McKayla Maroney is making waves on Instagram for a suggestive Instagram video flaunting her butt, helping the gymnastics star go mega viral on the internet.

Maroney, who was one of the United States’ star gymnasts amid the 2012 Summer Olympics, didn’t keep down in the video, which she posted on her Instagram account Saturday night.

The short video of the 21-year old moving in an inadequately clad outfit overwhelmed the web. Is was joined by the caption “another world premiere.”

Watch the video Maroney posted below:

another world premiere

A post shared by McKayla Maroney (@mckaylamaroney) on

The video went viral almost instantly, being viewed over 580,740  at the time of writing this post along with thousands of comments.

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