Beyoncé’s Pregnancy Photo is the Most Liked Photo Ever on Instagram

It was inevitable. Beyoncé’s photo declaration of her second pregnancy ,potentially with twins this time, as the Internet has broadly guessed has turned into the most-liked Instagram photo ever.

With almost 9.8 million likes and 459.3k comments (and counting), Beyoncé outperforms the past record-holder: Selena Gomez, who has scored an amazing 6.305 million likes so far for her post of a Coca-Cola promotion, highlighting her drinking from a bottle with one of her own tune verses on it. Gomez initially asserted the record in July 2016, catching the benchmark from her onetime sentimental accomplice, Justin Bieber.

Beyoncé’s Instagram post rapidly assumed control over the Internet on Wednesday evening (Feb. 1), with fans in elated stun over the unexpected disclosure.

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