Dolly Parton Challenge: Here’s How To Create And Share Your LinkedIn vs Facebook vs Instagram vs Tinder Profile Pics Collage On Instagram

Dolly Parton, 74 year old American singer first shared collage of  four profiles picture of  LinkedIn vs Facebook vs Instagram vs Tinder on her Instagrm handle. In few days it noticed by people and slowly it becomes #DollyPartonChallenge  on social media and specially on Instagram  people are sharing LinkedIn vs Facebook vs Instagram vs Tinder profile pics collage. Here we are writing about Dolly Parton Challenge and how to create and share your LinkedIn vs Facebook vs Instagram vs Tinder profile pics collage on Instagram.

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Dolly Parton Challenge Using Instagram

You can create and share your #dollypartonchallenge within Instagram itself. Note: Make sure that you save your all four profile pictures in your mobile phone.

  • Open the Instagram on your mobile phone
  • Cllick on “Your Story” or open camera clicking on camera icon.
  • On camera screen scroll to left from bottom and select “LAYOUT”
  • In layout option select first collage frame of four photos.
  • Now add your four profile photos from your mobile gallery.
  • After adding four profile pics click on right tick mark.
  • Here write on pics which is from which social media handle.
  • Once your are satisfy with editing you can share it as instgram story or you can save it to your mobile phone gallery and share as Instagram post or you can share it elase where.

Dolly Parton Challenge using third party apps

You can use third party collage making appps to create your dolly parthon challenge pic. There are many collage making apps are avilable out there for use. Below is list of collage making apps which you can give a try.

  1. Fotor
  2. Pic Stitch
  3. PicCollage
  4. Collageable


Fotor is not free app but it provides you three day free trail to amke your collage. You can make your dolly parton challenge before trail version ends and uninstall the app. If you use Fotor desktop version it comes totally free.

Download and install fotor on your phone. Open the app and click on collage option which is in middle of page. You will get two diffrent option of two layouts: Magazine and Classic. The Classic option will give you a spotless layout for the image. When you pick the 2×2 choice in the third line of the screen, you can pick the photographs you need to remember for the collection by tapping them. Your collage is made and you can spare it by tapping the checkmark symbol on the base right of the screen. The main mishap with Fotor is that you can’t add text to the Classic layouts, so you’ll need to add tto ext your photographs before arranging them into an collage on the application.

2.Pic Stitch

Pic Stitch is totally free app which you can use to make collage of your dolly parthon challenge on Instagram. Download and install it on your phone and open the app you will get diffrent collage templet in app. Select 2×2 template which you will find on the first page in the bottom row. When you tap the layout, you’ll be taken to a bigger form of it where you can take advantage of each case and pick the photographs you need in the collage.

At the point when you drag each image to the boxes you need to put it in, the application allows you to alter it any way you need this incorporates including text. You can utilize the component to name your photos with the suitable online networking sites. When you do this for every one of your photos, simply spare the last composition to your application by tapping Export on the base right of your screen. From that point, you can share your Dolly Parton Challenge straightforwardly onto Instagram or some other application.


You can download the application for free, anything you make with the free form will give your image a watermark. In the event that you need to make your image without watermark, you can pay $4.99 every month or $35.99 per year for the application. In any case, when you have the application, you can begin by tapping on the Grids alternative in the screen. This will lead you to your own photo gallery where you can pick photographs. After you’ve chosen your four pictures, tap the blue checkmark at the upper right of the screen.

Once your photos are sorted out the manner in which you need them, you can include text by tapping the Text symbol at the base. In the wake of composing and afterward changing your text, you simply need to hit Done at the top righthand corner of the screen. There, you’ll be given the choice to share the image on your Instagram and other social media accounts.


Collageable is another application you can use for your own form of the Dolly Parton Challenge. You can download the application and use it for free for seven days. From that point forward, there’s a $4.99 every week membership charge. When you download it, you’ll be taken to a screen titled Make New, where you’ll have three design choices. Pick the center alternative that says Collage. After you feel free to pick the last layout in the third column, you’ll have the option to add pictures to each crate by taking advantage of them and bringing in photographs from your phone’s gallery. When you have all the photographs you need to utilize, you can utilize the “T” symbol on the base of the screen to add content to the cases. At that point, basically utilize the keep going symbol on the base of the screen to trade your completed montage to either your photographs or one of your social media account.

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