FIFA World Cup 2018: Russia’s Host Cities And Host Stadiums On Instagram

FIFA World Cup 2018 is starting from 14 June 2018 and here we picked Only for you the FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia’s host cities and host stadiums on Instagram. Russia is the host nation of FIFA World Cup 2018. The 2018 Football world cup will host 65 matches across 11 cities in 12 of the most modern stadiums in Russia, you can say in the world.

FIFA World Cup is like a festival for Football fans and challenge for the host nation to carry out a successful event. Actually, FIFA World Cup gives a boost to the development of the host country, with the addition of stadiums, infrastructure, and other programs needed to support the fans of Football. So here we listed FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia’s host cities and host stadiums on Instagram.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia’s host cities and host stadiums on Instagram

Saint Petersburg

St Petersburg is the most beautiful city in Russia. St Petersburg has the Krestovsky Stadium or Zenit Arena. It will host seven matches including one match of the Round of 16, a semi-final and the third-place final. The stadium has 67,000 capacity and is located at Krestovsky Island.

Icebreakers on Neva River this month⛵ Fifth Festival of Icebreakers will be held in St. Petersburg on April 29-30. Its guests will be able to see grandiose dance of tugboats, to visit the most famous ships and one of the most memorable and notable festivities of the city as a whole. The festival symbolizes the opening of summer navigation season. More than six icebreakers available for visit will participate in this large-scale project which. A lot of various competitions, film shows, and concerts will provide great time for all guests. 🔹 29 и 30 апреля в Санкт-Петербурге пройдет V Фестиваль ледоколов. Зрителей мероприятия ожидает грандиозный вальс буксиров, посещение великих кораблей и один из самых запоминающихся и заметных праздников города.Фестиваль символизирует собой открытие летней навигации. В масштабном проекте будут участвовать более шести действующих ледоколов, доступных для посещения всеми желающими. Ph @zefirovm #saintp #petersburg #winter #perfectcity #weekend #wherethego #askmespb #интересныйпитер #событийныйпетербург #events #saintpetersbourg

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St. Petersburg Stadium is one of the best😎 The Internet portal StadiumDB summed up the results of the annual competition for the best football Stadium title — Stadium of the year 2017. Two Russian stadiums hit the Top 10. The St. Petersburg Stadium with the sum of points 6.20 (architectural value 2.56, functionality 2.36, innovations 2.36) took eighth position. As for the parallel public vote, citizens from 106 countries all over the world took part in it. The St. Petersburg Stadium managed to get higher position in this list and took 5th place with 44.882 pts. 🔹 Интернет-портал StadiumDB подвел итоги ежегодного конкурса на звание лучшего футбольного стадиона — Stadium of the Year 2017. Два российских стадиона в списке десяти лучших. Стадион Санкт-Петербург с суммой баллов 6,20 (архитектурная ценность 2.56, функциональность 2.36, инновации 2.36) занял восьмую позицию. Что касается параллельно проходившего пользовательского голосования, участие в нем приняли граждане 106-и стран со всего мира, а такие страны как Парагвай, Эквадор, Мексика, Россия и Польша стали самыми активно голосующими. Здесь петербургскому стадиону удалось подняться выше, он занял 5 строчку топа, имея 44,882 баллов. #saintp #petersburg #winter #perfectcity #weekend #wherethego #askmespb #интересныйпитер #событийныйпетербург #events #saintpetersbourg

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Moscow is the capital of Russia. Moscow is the best place to hang out to fill in the time between matches. Moscow has the number of best hotels too. Moscow has two famous Football grounds to host FIFA World Cup 2018 matches. Luzhniki Stadium & Spartak Stadium are located in Moscow.

Rússia 🇷🇺 (Menos de uma semana para o ínicio da Copa do Mundo!) . A Rússia é o maior país em extensão longitudinal, tem uma parte na Europa e outra parte na Ásia. O país é tão gigante, que o Brasil e Reino Unido cabem um pouco mais de 2 vezes e quase 70 vezes lá dentro, respectivamente. Outra coisa que chama atenção é a quantidade de fusos horários, são 11 no total, garantindo mais de 10 horas de diferença entre cidades que estão em cada extremo no país. Impressionante, né? . Na foto: Uma das varias torres do Kremlin de Moscou e uma partezinha da Catedral de São Basílio. . 🌏Moscou, Rússia . #kremlin #kremlindemoscou #moscou #moscow #russia #copadomundo2018 #russia_ru #missãovt #sourbbv #instaviagem #meusroteirosdeviagem #essemundoenosso #revistaviajar #blogdeviagem #cahnarússia #amoviajar #eurotrip #travelgirl #viajarmais #viajar #visitrussia #viajandosozinha #viajarmais #viagemeturismo #russiaphoto #russiagram #worldcup2018 #russiaworldcup2018 #russia2018 #jogosdobrasilnacopa2018 #brasilnacopa

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Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow is a prime arena of FIFA World Cup 2018. It has 80000 capacity and seven matches will be played here, including the opening game, Russia versus Saudi Arabia, one semi-final on 11 July and the final on 15 July.

Spartak Stadium is also located in Moscow. It has 42000 capacity and 16th round game will be played here.


Sochi is a seaside resort type city with some of the most popular beaches in Russia are located in Sochi. It is located on the beach of the Black Sea. You can enjoy Iceberg Skating Palace, Rosa Khutor Ski Resort and more places in Sochi.

Sochi has the Fisht stadium which was hosted Winter Olympics in 2014. The stadium name is given from a mountain Fisht. It has 48000 capacity and it’s the third-largest in the FIFA World Cup 2018 after the Luzhniki in Moscow and the St Petersburg Stadium.

Nizhny Novgorod

After St Petersburg and Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod has known as Russia’s third capital city. It is a big and rich city which is located on Volga river.


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Nizhny Novgorod Stadium holding 45,000 people, has been worked at the intersection of the Volga and Oka rivers. It is close to the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, and neglecting the Kremlin, arranged on the opposite side of the Oka. The outline is said to be roused by parts of nature in the Volga area: water and wind. It even has a hoisted walkway twisting appropriate around it.


It is located in between Poland and Lithuania along the Baltic Coast. The most part of the city is reconstructed after a second world war.

Kaliningrad Stadium has 35000 people capacity.

Kaliningrad Stadium #KaliningradStadium #FifaWorldCup2018 #Kaliningrad2018 #Russia2018

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This city is located on the border of Asia and Europe. This city is developed on Iset river and east of the Ural mountains. The golden-domed Church on the Blood is the main attraction of Yekaterinburg city.

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Ekaterinburg arena is ground for Russia’s oldest Football clubs. It has a capacity of 35000.

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This city is located on a western bank of the Volga River and formerly known as Stalingrad. It is site world war 2. Most of the city destroyed during world war 2 and now well constructed which can host FIFA World Cup 2018.

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Volgograd arena has 45000 capacity. The FIFA World Cup stadium is at the foot of Mamaev Kurgan. After World Cup 2018, the stadium will be home to FC Rotor.


Kazan is also one of the beautiful city of Russia. It is located on the banks of the Volga and Kazanka rivers and  It is the capital of Tatarstan.

Kazan arena was built for Summer World University Games in 2013. It has 45000 capacity with a unique design.

Rostov on Don

It is port city located in southern Russia. H2O water park, Rostov zoo, Rostov regional museum of local history are the main attraction. Nightlife is also exciting in Rostov on Don.

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Rostov arena has a capacity of 45000 and it is located on the left bank of the Don River.


Samara is located in between Volga and Samara rivers and it is in southwestern Russia. It is a sixth largest city in Russia.

Samara arena design is inspired by space and it has 45000 capacity. After FIFA World Cup 2018  arena will be home of Krylya Sovetov club. It will be renamed the “Cosmos Arena” after the World Cup.


It is capital of Mordovia. It is mall city in a list but FIFA gives chance to this city to encourage sports culture in Saransk.

Mordovia arena is the most colourful arena in the World Cup 2018 with its orange, red, and white outside. It has 44000 capacity.

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