Here Is a Simple Way To Turn Instagram’s Auto-Generated Caption On or OFF

A few months back Instagram rolled out auto-generated captions for videos. This new feature will help the people who are hearing challenged. It’s more helpful for those people who watch videos without sound. Due to the caption, you can understand the video without sound. Captions are available in more than 17 different languages.

Video with caption is a good option but sometimes it’s getting annoying when both sound and caption are on at a time. Don’t worry here we are writing about a simple way to turn Instagram’s auto-generated caption on or off.

Turn Instagram’s Auto-Generated Caption On or OFF

  • Create a new Insta post on your account
  • Select t video from your mobile phone or you can record a new one.
  • Apply filters and trim the video as per your need. then select next.
  • Go to the advanced settings.
  • Here, below the accessibility option, you will have the option to enable show captions. Note that these settings will also apply to all videos in the future.
  • In case, you don’t want to keep the live captions with Instagram videos, then go back to this option and select the option to disable it.

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