Pregnant Beyonce’s mysterious new video may ‘uncover the gender of her twins’

Beyonce has prodded fans with an extremely puzzling video which some accept uncovers the gender of her unborn twins.

Clad in a figure-embracing, floor length sequined outfit, the Formation singer, who is pregnant with twins, looks blossoming exquisite in the short cvideo made up of a progression of staggering stills.

Fans rushed to the artist’s Instagram to test her over the post and albeit some trusted it was an indicate new music, others trusted it might give away the gender of her children.

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Beyonce is pictured before a background of pink blooms, persuading she might have girls. She looks stunning in her baby bump pictures.Just take look of following photos.

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Others were only basically in wonderment of the Beyonce’s hot pregnancy figure, with fans asking how she kept up her curves in the weeks prior to the birth.

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