With more than 200 million users Instagram stories more popular than Snapchat

With regards to livestreaming your life, Instagram Stories is presently the most famous medium. The Mark Zukerberg revealed thursay that the Instagram feature has now turned out to be more popular Snapchat.

While Snapchat was the first application to coordinate a story feature, Instagram now has many a huge number of users presenting their stories on the application consistently.

As of the final quarter of 2016, Snapchat just had 158 million day by day active users, and not every one of them utilize the Stories feature.

Instagram gloats 600 million users, which implies that 33% of them are utilizing Stories in some limit.

Today, we’re introducing new sticker tools that help you be even more creative, whether you’re sharing to your story or having conversations with your friends in Direct. Over 200 million people now use Instagram Stories every day to keep up with friends and accounts they love. And with recent updates to Direct, it’s never been easier to have playful, visual conversations with close friends. With these new sticker tools, you have even more ways to turn your most casual, everyday moments into something fun to share. Turn your selfie into a sticker that you can use throughout your story. You’ll see a new sticker with a camera icon that lets you capture a mini-selfie. Before or after capturing, tap to apply different frame styles. Put your selfie sticker anywhere, adjust the size and use as many other creative tools as you want. You can also now pin your selfie sticker — as well as any other sticker or text — to a specific spot in your video. Just tap and hold the sticker, move it over any object and confirm by tapping “Pin.” If you live in or are traveling to Chicago, London, Madrid or Tokyo, you’ll also start seeing geostickers for your city over the coming days. All of the geostickers have been designed by local community members to help bring the cities they call home to life. You’ll be able to see the artist’s username when you tap the sticker, so you can learn more about their unique artwork. We’re also rolling out a shortcut to get to your favorite stickers. After tapping the smiley face, simply swipe right to see your recently used stickers. Finally, when you record a video using “Hands-Free” mode, tap and hold the button to see a timer that counts down to when the video begins. To learn more about today’s updates, check out help.instagram.com.

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